Packaging & Brand Redesign | Café Pod

New Pack Range (successfully taken by all the main retailers)

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Packaging & Brand Redesign | Café Pod

• Café Pod needed to differentiate itself in a crowded market, without the big budget for ATL
• Give it a bold new identity, both visually and through its physical packaging
• Make it appeal to the retailers to use as a sell-in tool and to gain more facings in-store

• ‘Good Strong Coffee’ became the new brand line and this influenced the bold pack designs and rugged packaging
• The new pack carried a ‘rip-strip’ on the reverse which created theatre when opened. The consumer, tore the strip, pushed up the base and tapped out the pods creating a ‘ritual’ to the process
• The new packs gained full range displays in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Plus, has now been listed in ASDA due to its popularity and bold design


Creative Director / Art Director


Café Pod


Packaging Design, Brand Redesign, Shopper Marketing , ATL – UK